Chocolate is made from cocoa bean which is known with different name as per aspects of chocolate state across the word.  

Melted state of chocolate is known as “chocolate liquor”.

Fat component of chocolate bean is known as “Cocoa butter” that is widely used to make real chocolate.

Nonfat component of chocolate bean is known as “Cocoa powder” that is used to make cocoa powder.

Real chocolate 

Real chocolate is made from cocoa butter that is extracted fat from cocoa beans holding some extraordinary characteristics that causes melting of chocolate in very short time, which can be prevented by tempering, that is to be done during melting process causes re establishment crystals of cocoa butter offers long lasting chocolate with proper gloss, snap and flavor. It’s much recommended to do tempering if you are making candy or dipping item that won’t be consumed within a day.

Real chocolate is separated in three categories based on the quality of cocoa bean that to be used. 

Regular chocolate

You will find regular chocolate in chocolate chip form that can contains sugar or can be unsweetened and made of moderate quality cocoa beans which has very low cocoa butter having think form when it get melt. Most preferred for chocolate cookies , that is not comes with best result in molding or dipping. No tempering is required if it is used for backing application. 

Converture chocolate

Converture stands for covering that is one of the best quality chocolate contains high percentage of cocoa butter taken out from premium cocoa beans. Most preferred for candy making and molding. Tempering is required which offers glossy finish.

Ultra Converture chocolate
Ultra converture chocolate contains same aspects as converture chocolate with addition of quite more cocoa butter that gives low thickness while get melt. Most preferred for enrobing and dipping. It’s quite hard to add more cocoa butter and retain best taste and texture. It requires tempering that offers covering with elegant gloss.

Compound chocolate

Compound chocolate
Compound chocolate is made from vegetable oil rather than cocoa butter that omit tempering process. That is being more likely for anyone due to its no difficulty and less price. 


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