Arabica coffee
  1. Arabica is the first species of coffee to be cultivated in the world which was firstly grown in southwest Arabia that have made it known as coffee shrub of Arabia.
  2. 75-80% production of coffee across the world is coffee Arabica which is most widely grown coffee beans which contains less caffeine compared to any other coffee species cultivated across the world.
  3. Arabica contains 1.2% caffeine.
  4. Arabica leaves are simple, opposite, elliptic having length of 6-12 cm and width of 4-8 cm having dark and glossy green color. Arabica flowers are of white color moreover the fruit of coffee are bright red to purple color of 10-15 mm diameter red to purple color contains two coffee seeds.
  5. Flavor of Arabica coffee depends on region and it contains other aromas blended together.
  6. The plant can tolerate low temperatures, but not frost, and does best with an average temperature between 15 and 24 °C.
  7. Arabica takes about seven years to mature fully.
  8. Each tree can produce from 0.5 to 5.0 kg of dried beans
Robusta coffee
  1. Robusta is the second most cultivated coffee beans in the world grown in central and western sub-Saharan Africa where it is known as conilon after that Vietnam is country which cultivate the Robusta coffee beans.
  2. As the name says, Robusta beans are more robust than the other main type of coffee bean, Arabica, and can be grown at low or high altitudes.
  3. 20% production of coffee across the world is coffee Robusta which contains more caffeine compared to Arabica.
  4. Robusta contains 2.7% caffeine.
  5. Robusta was known about 100 years after coffee Arabica.
  6. Robusta beans produce a strong, full bodied coffee which is having bitterness than Arabica.
  7. Robusta flowers takes 10-11 months for cherries to get ripen which have oval shaped beans.
  8. Robusta coffee beans deliver twice the amount of caffeine compared to Arabica coffee beans
  9. Amount of caffeine given by Robusta coffee is twice the amount of caffeine to Arabica coffee beans.
  10. Robusta beans tend to be smaller than Arabica beans and are darker in color.
Kona coffee
  1. Kona is rarest types of produced coffee in the world which get cultivated in the north and south Kona districts of the big island Hawaii.
  2. Coffee that belongs to Kona district is only known as “Kona” and that only makes it more Expensive among the all coffee species.
  3. Kona having highest amount of caffeine which holds rich aroma that can be enjoyed in its pure form.
  4. Kona coffee beans are grown under sunny weather in morning, rainy weather in afternoon and quite windy and mild weather in night.
  5. Kona blend is not a combination of types of Kona coffee but it’s a blend of Colombian, Brazilian and any other foreign coffees. This holds only 10 % Kona and 90 % cheaper imported beans.
Here are the regions where each is grown. r = robusta, a = arabica, m = both.

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